PTI provides Classroom, Webinar, and Self-Study. Classroom provides a live class with an instructor on site ready to go through material and questions as they arise. This is a three day course with exams and reviews. Webinar provides the same three day class as classroom through an internet course.

Continung Education

Insurance agents are required to meet their State’s Continuing Education requirements. PTI offers multiple methods to meet those requirements for Indiana and Kentucky insurance license holders. Choose the option that best meets your needs. Indiana continuing education requirements are located at the bottom of the page.

Questions and feedback will be accepted and review by a live instructor each day. Self-Study provides the necessary material for the student to learn the subject on their own. Text books and Online Study are included in all formats. Indiana State Law is provided on the Online Study in a video instruction.

Indiana CE Requirements
- 24 hours of Continuing Education before every license renewal
- 3 hours of the 24 must be in Ethics

Long Term Care Requirements
- 8 hours of general Long Term Care in order to sell the product
- 7 hours of ILTCP in order to sell the product
- 5 hours each renewal period thereafter to maintain

- 3 hours once to sell Flood

- 4 hours once to sell Annuities

Kentucky CE Requirments
-24 hours before every renewal period
-3 of the hours must be in ethics
-6 of the hours must be specifically in an area licensed
-12 hours can be carried over to the next renewal period

Long Term Care
- 8 hours to sell partnership plans

- 3 hour initial flood class required to sell

- 4 hour initial annuity class to sell